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We sell Bev-Air Kegerators for one reason, they are the Best!

This is a commercial grade Kegerator with an air cooled tower. Unlike the other brands, Bev-Air pumps cold air through the tower. What this means to you. every pour is a keeper!

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Your source for high quality bar equipment. Beverage-Air manufactures a broad line of equipment that fits all of your refrigerated bar applications. When you purchase Bar Equipment from Beverage-Air you can rest assured you will serve cold beverages, from your Bev Air, every time.

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We build these Kegerators, Direct Draw Beer Refrigerators, to fit your needs using all top of the line equipment.

The single BM23 or DD24HC comes in Black or Stainless Steel exterior. You can have anywhere from one to four kegs of beer on tap using the following configurations:

  • Four 5 gal kegs
  • A 1/4 bbl and a 5 gal
  • Two 1/4 bbl
  • One 1/2 bbl